Skittles and Peacemaking

Hey all,

Woke up this morning to a story about Donald Trump's son (Donald Trump Jr.), a surrogate for Trump's candidacy, equating skittles to immigrants in a tweet. In case you haven't heard it yet, the analogy is this:
"'If I had a bowl of Skittles and I told you three would kill you, would you take a handful?' the meme asks. 'That's our Syrian refugee problem.'"
I also read many people supporting this analogy, and if you are one of those, consider the following:

"Out of your potential dating pool, a few may kill you. Do you swear off dating?"
"Out of your potential police encounters, a few may kill you. Do you stop trusting the police?"
"If you love your enemies, a few may kill you. Do you stop loving your enemies?"

I, for one, would favor allowing a few immigrants in that would kill me if that meant letting in thousands of families to find peace from a war-torn country. Of course I wouldn't eat from a bowl of skittles if a few would kill me because the risk/reward of it is so small. Dying for candy is a terrible way to die. It's an absurd comparison to helping war-torn refugees. Dying to help children and families that are on the run--well, that might just be an admirable and noble death. People honor those who helped the Jews escape WWII while risking their lives, and then turn around and call our own humanitarian crisis a bowl of candy. I'm sure if Skittles were around in 1939, the Nazi's would have loved this analogy as well.

Jesus said to love your enemies. To do that, you must first humanize them, and to do that, you must first humanize yourself. You are no more worthy of safety and security than the people of Syria. And if you are no more worthy, then you cannot in good conscience keep your own at their expense. And if you can embrace them, you will find that you've embraced something bigger and more profound than a bowl of candy. You will have embraced Jesus as He was in need.

So, continue dating and meet people in public places until you get to know them.  Embrace the police and support them. Support also means holding them accountable so those that do wrong with their power are brought to justice. Embrace the immigrant and have a process that keeps casualties to a minimum but also doesn't stop the process of helping those in need (some may say we have that now). Humanize the other, and then you can see the path Jesus calls us to.

Wisdom is necessary in all walks of life. Protectionism, racism, and xenophobia are not. Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for Jesus.