Advent Week 2

Week 2, where's week 1?

Well, it was last week, and I forgot to write about week 1 (hooray Turkey and pie!) So, we're starting with week 2!

The second week of Advent is focused on hope. Jeremiah, the prophet from the Old Testament, spoke to God and said "Our hope is in you". Hope means to trust in, wait for or look for. And advent is all about preparing ourselves for celebrating the birth of Jesus. Which begs the question--what are you hoping for today? If you're having trouble answering that question, maybe try this one--what are you desiring today?

If you desire to have a different job, your hope is that you'll have a good job. If you desire a new TV, you're hoping for a new TV. If you desire your pastor to preach a 15 minute sermon, you're hoping to get out of church early.

As you prepare for this Sunday's message, examine your desires and hopes. Are they found in God? Do the things you strive after reflect Jesus? As you sit and think about Christmas, what are your desires and hopes, and where is your focus during this holiday time?