wHAT to expect when you visit

At CMF, we seek to be authentic in who we are, so you should too! Wear what you like to wear, sing how you like to sing, and sit where you'd like to sit. On Sunday mornings, we have a breakfast cafe from 10:30 to 11, so you'll see quite a few people in our entrance area. Someone will say hello to you, and eventually, someone will introduce you to Pastor Janette. We have all ages and all types of people at our church, so you'll hit it off with someone. Along the way, pick up a bite to eat and take a look around the building if you like.

Small church, so it won't take long.


We have infant and toddler nursery for the little ones, and on most Sundays we have children's church for Kindergarten through 3rd grade. One Sunday a month, we like to invite the children's church into the adult service so they can worship and learn with us (and us from them!).

Our worship service begins at 11, and we begin with some songs and announcements followed by more songs. Feel free to sit, stand, dance, or whatever you feel like doing during worship. We have a coloring table at the back of the sanctuary where both children and adults are invited to color. We like to have a prayer time, especially if there are special prayer needs in the community. Our pastor will usually speak for about 20-25 minutes, and then we end our service with a time of reflection. People will often share what came to their mind during the sermon or a question that they had for further thought. Finally, we end with one last song, and then dismiss the congregation. However, people usually stick around and chat for about 15 minutes, so feel free to join us for that. And be sure to pick up some leftovers from the breakfast cafe on your way out!

Going Deeper

If you enjoy our Sunday service, there are other opportunities to get to know us and grow in your faith. We have fellowship events, as well as house groups that meet on a regular basis.

Parking lot entrance is accessed from Hammond St.

Parking lot entrance is accessed from Hammond St.

Blessings to you, hopefully you know what to expect when you visit, and we hope to see you soon!